Transec Power Serivces Co.,Ltd.

< Since 1994>

Many of Transec’s engineering staff have had prior experience on the staff of electrical utilities, particularly of EGAT. This board base of professional skills permits Transec to undertake multidisciplinary assignments with integrated teams of specialists drawn from its own staff.



Field of Services

Mission Statement

Transec provides a complete range of Power utility services of highest professional standards Transec is totally committed to ensure Complete client satisfaction Transec, by being totally committed to quality, has an Expanding reputation for excellence Transec provides quality services in the following engineering disciplines.

Substation Engineering and Construction

  • Site selection and survey
  • Conceptual design and layouts
  • Detailed design of various components including associated facilities such as lighting and power system, sanitary system, fire protection system, etc.
  • Equipment selection
  • Switchyard and site design
  • Substation grounding system design
  • Control and protection system design
  • Communication system design
  • Substation computerized control system design
  • Substation renovation techniques
  • Site / factory acceptance test
  • Substation building design
  • HV-MV equipment foundation and structure design
  • Water supply system
  • Road, gate and fence design
  • Cable trench / tray, tunnel, man-hole, hand-hole, duct-bank design
  • Site preparation
  • Drainage and sump system

Background And Organization

Electrical Engineering

• Lighting system for industrial buildings, commercial complexes, sport
complexes, etc.
• Control system
• Communication system
• Emergency power system
• Fire protection system
• Energy preservation

Substation Equipment Installation, Testing and Commissioning

• Installation of outdoor and indoor substation equipment including GIS
• On site testing of high voltage equipment and control and protection

Construction Supervision

• On site inspection and supervision
• General contract administration


• Computer aided drafting
• Manual drafting

Quality Assurance

Transec has recognized the need for the Total Quality Management (TQM) and
trying for rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) procedures in place to ensure that
its work will be of consistently high standard.

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